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What do you think about her lifestyle? Pros/cons

What do you think about her lifestyle? Pros/cons?
My god sister who is about 30 years old (daughter of my godparents) is the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, interesting, overall most amazing person you will ever meet. She's lived her entire life completely different from an average person. She was just born to be special and unique. Her father being an Irish/French Catholic and her mother being a Japanese/Armenian Jewish, she was conceived while her father was stationed in Japan during WWII. She is named Tzeitel, meaning 'princess' in Hebrew. She was born in the city of Honolulu. Because her father was in the army, she moved every six months. She lived in almost every corner of the US, including Bakersfield California, Tacoma Washington, Queens borough in NYC, countryside in Kentucky, and suburban New Jersey. In every town she took on a different persona - the nerdy bookworm, the ditzy cheerleeder, the scary goth, etc. When she was 18, she went on to study International Relations at Phoenix University. Throughout her 20s she worked an odd number of jobs to fund her college tuition. She did everything from: -working at late night diners off the highway -flight attendant on Continental Airlines -mechanic at JiffyLube -some voice-over work for a few commercials -missionary in Thailand (lived in a grass hut) -she stayed in Brampton, England for a year on an internship She has finally paid off her debts and has moved into an apartment with a friend of hers in Reno, Las Vegas. The thing is, she's never had a sense of consistency in her life. She's always been on the move. It's in her nature because that's how she grew up. Most people live in one town their entire lives, go to college and work the same job until they retire. Is it just me or does her life sound very appealing? It seems like she really lived and experienced all walks of life. What are some good/bad things about this? I am 16. I'm planning to follow in her footsteps.
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Sometimes you have to stop, breathe, look around you and be thankful you can't really do that when you're always moving. And if you happen to face some kind of downfall you'll need friends to help you and you can't really keep any moving that frequently
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Honestly I see nothing important that she did in her life and nothing special and nothing to get excited over or say WOW! Bad- She won't settle down find a good house and get married and have kids. Bad- Her parents are different religions, she needs to choose between them. Bad- What job is she going to get Bad- That college is nothing special I think I would find myself more accomplished not to be self absorbed (I'm really not!) I got married in the temple to an AMAZING man who is a doctor, handsome, and we have 7 kids and I'm pregnant with the 8th child! My kids are very amazing, beautiful and talented, I went to BYU in Idaho and I was a pediatrician for a couple years, and I still am just part time and I only work for about a year at a time because I'm always pregnant. I play the piano, go to church every sunday, a great cook, a loving mother, and a faithful caring wife! I have traveled to 20 of the 50 states and have been to several differnt countries including Haiti, and I helped out there! I have helped deliver tos of babies and have delivered 7 of my own. I having a clean, nice, 7 bedroom 4 1/2 bath house. And life is good for me :) The "Walks of life" your talking about it traveling, which I don't see whats so amazing about it, I prefer to be at home with my family!
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It sounds like she has ed an interesting life. I can see why it sounds appealing. If you feel she would make a good role modl for you, go for it. . Just be aware that sometimes that kind of moving around between places and jobs can stem from a feeling of not belonging anywhere possibly from being moved around so much as a kid. I went through that and so did my kids. . It's important to examine your motives to decide if you are doing the best thing at the moment. If you have a problem with feeling like you don't belong (these may be subconcious feelings) you may want do deal with that a bit or at least take it into consideration. Plan where you want to end up, education, relationships, experience, skills, family, financial situation and try to make decisions on where you will go or what you will do next based on those goals. You'll reach those goals faster and more successfully and be happier for it. It really sucks to realize you made a crucial mistake or oversight years ago that you can't correct. . It looks like you're already looking ahead and thinking things through. There's nothing wrong with following her example, just make sure its because it's your choice, not because you keep getting fired or kicked out or losing all your friends. You can still grow roots on the move. . Whatever you decide, be happy with your decisions and give it your best. I think I envy you.

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