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What do you think about her lifestyle? Pros/cons

What do you think about her lifestyle? Pros/cons?
My god sister who is about 30 years old (daughter of my godparents) is the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, interesting, overall most amazing person you will ever meet. She's lived her entire life completely different from an average person. She was just born to be special and unique. Her father being an Irish/French Catholic and her mother being a Japanese/Armenian Jewish, she was conceived while her father was stationed in Japan during WWII. She is named Tzeitel, meaning 'princess' in Hebrew. She was born in the city of Honolulu. Because her father was in the army, she moved every six months. She lived in almost every corner of the US, including Bakersfield California, Tacoma Washington, Queens borough in NYC, countryside in Kentucky, and suburban New Jersey. In every town she took on a different persona - the nerdy bookworm, the ditzy cheerleeder, the scary goth, etc. When she was 18, she went on to study International Relations at Phoenix University. Throughout her 20s she worked an odd number of jobs to fund her college tuition. She did everything from: -working at late night diners off the highway -flight attendant on Continental Airlines -mechanic at JiffyLube -some voice-over work for a few commercials -missionary in Thailand (lived in a grass hut) -she stayed in Brampton, England for a year on an internship She has finally paid off her debts and has moved into an apartment with a friend of hers in Reno, Las Vegas. The thing is, she's never had a sense of consistency in her life. She's always been on the move. It's in her nature because that's how she grew up. Most people live in one town their entire lives, go to college and work the same job until they retire. Is it just me or does her life sound very appealing? It seems like she really lived and experienced all walks of life. What are some good/bad things about this? I am 16. I'm planning to follow in her footsteps.
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Life is too short to stay in the same place. Good for her, and good for you for wanting to be like her. Learn from her mistakes though, don`t get into debt that`s a scary thing to go through. Live you life baby!!!
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It sounds like you're trying to live someone else's life instead of your own. Not that any of her pursuits shouldn't interest you if that's what you like and you're doing it for the right reasons. I'm pretty sure though that the path she went on and all her experiences were not all planned out on paper beforehand. Maybe some, but I can guarantee you that life never happens exactly the way we plan. There are million things that can and will happen if you decide to lives someone else's life. It sounds like you crave adventure and excitement. There's nothing wrong with that. Find ways to do things that won't make you average. If you want to make a difference in the world then great. Find something you truly enjoy and no matter how many drawback or how scary it may seem just go for it. As long it's healthy and you're doing it for the right reasons, because it's your passion for one. There is a fine line though between living the adventurous life and becoming unstable. That's a person who can't stick to anything and never goes anywhere in life. Even though she seems like she has the best life, you don't know what her regrets are or what kind of costly mistakes she's made in her life. Along with living an adventurous life comes loneliness and uncertainty. Nobody really knows you because you never stay in one place long enough for others to get to know you better. So think really hard on what you want in life. Stability doesn't have to be humdrum or boring if your work is enjoyable and love what you do. Find a trade you love and stick to it. How else are you going to be able to finance this adventurous life? you could find a sugardaddy but then he has to be that way too. Stop focusing on her life and start focusing on YOURS. Not everything you perceive is ideal for you anyway. You're two different people with two different sets of circumstances. Learn who YOU are and what you stand for deep inside and use that as foundation for your bright future ahead of you kid.
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That's what you call true living.
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The good thing is that she will probably never be short of interesting stories to tell at mealtimes... so she is probably a very entertaining and fun person to be around with. The bad thing is that a rolling stone will gather no moss... so she may miss out on certain things in life. This may include types of personal relationships that are typically nurtured slowly through numerous interactions over several years. Ideally, life should be balanced i.e. move around enough that you are not a stuck-in-the-mud, but not so much that you are always in orbit in outerspace.
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Vive la vie boheme

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