Sunday, March 1, 2009

How much should I save to go to comic con 2010

How much should I save to go to comic con 2010?
Just estimates, how much do you think i should save in order to go to comic con, get a hotel, flight round trip, souvenirs etc... I live in central California so a flight shouldn't call me that muchI was thinking Amtrak, I took it a couple of years back when i went to LA wizcon. The only problem is, it drops me off in bakersfield than the rest of the way is amtraks bus... That's a good 6 to 8 hours of travel. I have a whole year, before the next comic con that's what i wanted to rally up the prices, because this time im taking a plane... (coach might i add) haha. So do you guys think $500 exactly would be enough for a round trip ticket to San Diego, plus a 3 night hotel?
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at least $700 รข™¥

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