Saturday, February 14, 2009

i need the cheapest one way flight to vegas from bakersfiled.

i need the cheapest one way flight to vegas from bakersfiled..?
im going to vegas for the weekend, only problem is the girsl im going with are leaving friday morning and i don't get off work until that afternoon.. i dont want to have to drive out by myself so i was trying to find a cheap flight our of meadows field airport in bakersfield in the afternoon sometime. I couldnt make it to the airport until about 5 pm and i want to be in vegas by 8 or 9... i dont wanna spend more than $100 on a one way ticket.. i am riding back with the girls, just need a way there.... any advice helps.. i have already checked orbits and all those. cheapest i could find was $159 and it was for like 9 pm...... i wanna be there before then. Friday March 7th.. from bakersfield, Ca to Las Vegas, Nv.. one way departing after 5 pm but landing before 8 or 9 pm./..... thanks guys... woo hoo VEGAS
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1 :
well there are pleanty of ways to find cheap flight tickets. Just compare prices. One of them is bound to be cheaper Just to name a few. Hope i was of some help =D
2 :
well thats apparently the only direct flight but you might want to check with orange Belt stages line as they have a route from Bakersifled to las Vegas (of course its not a flight but a bus

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